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Aspen Compressor, LLC

Aspen Systems, Inc. (ASI) and its affiliates are a group of global technology companies providing leading-edge solutions for defense, aerospace, law enforcement, chemical, oil and gas, and health care industries.

Aspen Systems develops advanced technologies and products for energy, environmental, and defense applications. Our diverse areas of technology, coupled with a rich company history of successful commercialization, provide a foundation for transforming novel ideas into innovative products. Visit our web site

Buswell Energy, LLC

Buswell Energy LLC, a small research and development company with offices in Berea and Louisville, Kentucky was started by Dr. Harrie Buswell as a means of bringing his patented technology to the marketplace. Buswell Energy’s design effort is to reduce constraints that are long extablished in existing units. The promise of Buswell Energy’s design is to deliver improved efficiency while being competitive in the market. Visit our web site

Celerity Automation, Inc.

The engineers at Celerity have developed a new “direct drive” linear transfer technology that delivers faster acceleration, higher speeds and pinpoint accuracy, far beyond the capabilities of conventional technology. Celerity has already developed several applications of this new technology, specifically for the purpose of automating the material handling process. Visit our web site

Corevalus Systems, LLC

Our mission is to provide cutting edge technologies to the marketplace. The SamePage System, is the only integrated digital music display system designed specifically for churches. With features like transposition, on-stage messaging, capo, web song download, worship will never be the same! Visit our web site

Data 180

Data180 designs and builds Web-based database applications for colleges and universities. Our focus is on creating solutions targeted to specific needs within academic institutions. Data180 delivers all its solutions as an application service provider. This approach allows our solutions to be delivered in an efficient and effective manner to our clients. Visit our web site

Data Futures, Inc.

Data Futures exists to form lasting and powerful relationships with its customers, to excel at providing software solutions and services and to provide satisfying and rewarding careers for its employees. LunchBox is a complete school nutrition software solution for K-12 schools that will transform your operation. CareScope is the software solution of choice for those committed to providing access to care for the underserved. Visit our Web Site

FASTBox Systems, LLC

FAST Box Systems offers an innovative, customizable, first alert campus safety notification and awareness system that provides a multi-layer approach for outstanding resiliency and integrates cutting edge visual and audible technologies to meet the need for real-time dissemination of information to universities, corporation, government institutions, and campus communities. Visit our web site

FeltLoom, LLC

Felting just got easier. We offer a Needle Felting Loom that is easy to use to make fabric from batting or loose fibers.Just lay the batting on the table and push it to the roller and let it go through the needles to make a felted fabric. It is that simple. Visit our web site

Jackson Peg Tube Stands, LLC

Tina Jackson was born with Cerebral Palsy with left hemiplegia. At the age of 24, she had a stroke, which left her unable to speak and much difficulty swallowing. Within 20 years, her condition deteriorated to the point of no longer being able to eat without aspiration.

In July of 2000, it was determined that a “peg tube” placement was necessary due the to concerns of pneumonia. Given that Tina’s condition only allows the use of one of her hands, the placement of the tube made it apparent that two hands were needed to feed herself.

The Jackson Peg Tube Stand is a feeding tube assistive device that anchors the feeding tube and allows for self feeding. Visit our web site


We Speak for You, When You Can't If you are in an emergency situation and you are unable to communicate with the attending medical personnel, important and timely decisions must be made. With the LifeNet Card™, all of your necessary medical information is instantly available to ensure you are treated quickly with accurate and concise data.

By simply inserting the LifeNet Card™ into the computer's USB port, your emergency information is instantly opened onto the screen. If you are being transported to a hospital, your necessary medical information can be communicated from the ambulance to the hospital, allowing them to be prepared for your arrival. Visit our web site

Prime Leads

Our COLLEGE MATCH ENGINE narrows your college choices to the right four and every match generates a link to important facts about each institution – Admissions, Financial Aid, Programs, Facilities, and other enticements.

Our RESOURCE CENTER provides a collection of all the best online resources for the college-bound person. And it organizes them in an easy-to-use format. Visit our web site

Quonomic, Inc.

Qunomic's CLT delivers an eco-friendly solution for a variety of applications where paint, tape, decals, and signs are currently used.  Our product line supports manufacturing, warehouse or logistics space management, cross docking, and facilitates LEAN  and Six Sigma processes and procedures.

Qunomic offers a flexible, customized solution that replaces standard signs and painted images with CLT products and services that scale to your requirements. Visit our web site


Do-it-yourselfers know the problem almost as well as do mechanics and manufacturers of heavy machinery. With too much vibration, bolts screwed into blocks of metal come loose. Tighten the bolt too much, though, and you strip the threads.

The newest solution is a cleverly redesigned bolt that is simply screwed into the damaged hole. Like conventional self-tapping bolts, it cuts its own threads. But unlike others, this one contains a hollow space that collects the metal shavings instead of pushing them ahead of the bolt. Visit our web site

Wellhead Energy Systems, LLC

Powering Energy Independence - Stranded resources could provide all of the future energy needs of the United States. Wellhead Energy Systems is striving to capture and convert those resources to the benefit of a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Reduced Carbon Footprint - Natural gas provides a much smaller Carbon Footprint than other forms of energy generation. Wellhead Energy’s goal by the end of 2011 is to lessen that carbon footprint by expanding the presence of Gridbox™ Energy Conversion Stations.

Direct Energy Distribution - Wellhead’s Gridbox™Energy Conversion Stations will form a cogeneration network to provide backup power and redundancy to meet the nation’s growing demand for clean, reliable and sustainable sources of power. This “industrial smart grid” concept will provide energy where it is needed in a clean and efficient manner.

Untapped National Resources - Over 40% of the natural gas resources in the US are considered “stranded.” Wellhead Energy wants to put these stranded resources to work. Our modular systems have a design flexibility to process many forms of gas, including natural gas, syngas, landfill gas, bio-gas, coal bed methane and others. Visit our Web Site

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